6 teething tips for new parents


Teething is one of the most challenging times in a baby's life, so a parent needs to narrow down the best ways to offer comfort and assistance. Thankfully, you can use a few methods to make teething less painful and easier to go through. Here are some tips and tricks that might help!

Using a teether

The best way to comfort your baby during these challenging times is by purchasing a teether. It's an excellent idea to opt for a teether with silicone and/or wood.. These different textures are great as they exert different pressure points for irritated, itchy gums. Importantly, natural wood is antibacterial, and silicone is extremely easy to clean. That means there's no need to worry about any germs.

Massaging baby's gums

While a silicone or wooden teether can do that, you can also try to massage your baby's gums yourself. Clean your hands, and then gently massage your baby's gums. Rubbing the gums is a great idea, and it can help you ensure your baby receives all the comfort and help he needs.

Chill some fruits

You'll notice that your baby enjoys cold items whenever your baby goes through teething. The reason is simple: the cold produces a numbing effect which can alleviate irritated gums. A good way of providing relief in this manner is to chill some fruits.   However, be sure to monitor your baby and how they handle these fruits to avoid choking. Making popsicles from milk or their favorite fruits and pouches can be a good alternative.

Freeze a washcloth

If fruits are not your baby’s thing, you can insert a clean washcloth into the fridge for a few minutes, then give it to your baby. While it won’t completely relieve the teething pain, it can provide temporary comfort. Combine this with other methods, and it will work great.

Remove the baby’s drool

Teething can make your baby drool too much, and that can become an issue. Drool can lead to irritation and rashes. So, removing all that drool as quickly as possible is crucial if the baby is teething. Otherwise, your baby will feel discomfort due to dental pain and skin rashes.

Try cuddle therapy

The idea here is to cuddle your child and make him feel happy. When that happens, tackling the pain is much easier; it might even go away temporarily. Again, combining this with other methods shown above can be a great idea. After all, a parent’s comfort always works best.



While teething is normal, it's tough for parents to figure out how to comfort their baby. Thankfully, there are methods you can use to eliminate or at least remove some of the pain. You won't have any shortage of options, from using a teether to freezing a washcloth or relying on some over-the-counter medication. Try them out for yourself, as they can provide the much-needed comfort your baby needs at this time!

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